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An important note about the demos on this page... The powers that be have deemed that the Flash content on web pages is too risky to be used by the general internet user and soon, ALL of the support for it will be eliminated. This means that no modern browser will display any of these demos. The fix for now is to download the Ruffle extention for your browser. Ruffle Web Site..

The following is legacy information about Flash, ignore it if you are not having any flash related problems.

  • Notes on viewing/using Flash demos:
  • Flash animations have a few features that you won't see in other animations. You can access the menu by right clicking the mouse. If the animation is sluggish (possibly due to a slow computer), you can set the quality to 'low' or 'medium'. This will reduce the quality but will allow the animation to run at its preset frame rate.
  • You can zoom in on the image to better see the detail (or lack thereof). The 'forward' and 'back' menu choices are for jumping from one frame to another (generally, there are 12-24 frames per second. The 'rewind' selection brings the animation back to the first frame in the scene.
  • If your computer will not allow you to run the programs/demos, you likely have Windows SP2 on your computer. The security settings in SP2 are set too high by default. To allow the programs to run, in Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS >> INTERNET OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> scroll down to the security settings and tick the check-boxes that will allow active-X content to run on your computer. If you don't have virus/trojan/spyware protection software on your computer, you may want to return the settings to the defaults when you are done with this page.

Beeman Precision Airguns - Importer of European Rifles
Beeman is the importer of high quality air rifles from Europe. Most are manufactured in Germany and England. The site has information on their products and other basic airgun information.

American Airguns - Airgun reviews and classifieds
This is Brad Troyer's site. It has classified ads, reviews of air rifles, links to other air rifle sites and much more.

Airgun Express - Retail Sales
Airgun Express sells virtually everything associated with airguns. They deliver good service at good prices.

Daisy - Competition Air Rifles
Daisy products are accessible from this page.

Air Arms TX200 Trigger Mechanism
This demo shows the inner workings of a TX200 trigger. It's not exactly to scale but will show you how the first stage, second stage and trigger weight screws operate.

Air Arms TX200 Power Plant
This shows how the entire action operates. In addition to the trigger assembly, it shows the cylinder and the mainspring.

Scope Demo 1
This demo shows the inner workings and basic operating principle of a generic scope. If you wonder what happens when you turn the elevation and windage adjustments, check out this link.

Demo 2
This shows the difference that a given number of clicks will move the Point Of Impact at 4 different distances.

Demo 3
This file explains why one Minute Of Angle is approximately one inch at a distance of 100 yards.

Demo 4
This demo explains the basic mounting procedure for a scope. It covers ring selection and getting the rifle zero'd .

Demo 5
This file shows you the basic procedures used in field target competition.

Demo 6
This file shows the basic concept of pellet trajectory.

Demo 7
This shows how a basic pump pneumatic rifle works.

Demo 8
This file allows you to fire a pellet with different 'zero' ranges. You'll see how the pellet crosses the Line Of Site twice. You'll also see how changing the zero range changes the point where the pellet initially crosses the line of sight.

Demo 9
This file shows how you'd have to hold over or under the target to hit the desired POI at different yardages.

Demo 10
This file shows how a pellet is motivated by a spring gun. It has significantly more detail than the first springer demo.
We have a full line of fine, precision airguns, air pistols, pellets, scopes and accessories for all your shooting needs. Our range varies across the entire availability of quality products in the industry. Please have a look around, and if you still have any questions, please call. Our number is (480) 461-1113. For more details about our company, please visit our Company Information page.

Demo 11
This demo tells you why it's so important to be consistent with the hold on a spring gun if you want to shoot it well.

Demo 12
This file shows the effect that you'll see when the scope's objective isn't set to the same distance as the target.

Demo 13
This demo explains 'Point Blank Range'.

Demo 14
This demo explains, in detail, how you calculate muzzle energy.

These are links to sites that were nice enough to link to my page. Please visit their sites.
- Pyramid Air
- Airgun Warehouse
- Precision Airguns for Adults
Practical Pistol UK - Site supports and promotes all forms of Practical Pistol shooting in the UK
- Air Rifle Forum.
Badgerland Air Gun Association Home Page
Official Pontefract Air Rifle Club Home Page
Eddies Airgun Information

Demo 15
This demo explains why a heavier pellet, at short range, may have a higher Point Of Impact than a lighter pellet.

Demo 16
This demo shows how iron sights are used and adjusted/set. Since I don't use open sights very much, if you think something needs to be added, please let me know.

Demo 17
This demo shows nutation, precession and yaw as they apply to a pellet.

Demo 18
This demo was done to show how a gravity-compensating gunsight would work.

Demo 19
This demo was done to show how a gravity-compensating gunsight would work to compensate for cant.

Demo 20
This demo provides a fair amount of information about a break barrel rifle. It is modelled after a Beeman R10. This rifle is very similar to many rifles currently in production. Since it's new, please email me if you find any errors.

Demo 21
This demo is an extension of a previous demo showing how the cant of a rifle influences the POI of the pellet. This demo has the ability to change inclination and cant angle. Please note that this demo takes a little longer than normal to load. Until the white text adjacent to the black notes panel is visible, it's not fully loaded.
If you're interested in electronics or car audio, you may be interested in my car audio site. It has lots of graphics and covers virtually everything associated with car audio.

My Basic Computer Operation site may be of interest if you want to know what a personal computer was in the olden days.

This is my All Sorts of... Stuff site. It's has all sorts of topics. It's basically a junk pile but you might find something that interests you there.

If you are interested in photographing small things, my Basic Macro Photography site may be of interest.

Beeman FTS .20 cal side
Beeman FTS .20 cal rear

CO2 Vapor-Pressure Calculator
Fahrenheit Temperature?
Temp Celcius:
Temp Kelvin:
CO2 Vapor Pressure: mmHg
CO2 Vapor Pressure: PSI

Show Your Support for This Site
The targets are now free of charge.
This is the target I use more than any of the others. It has 1, .5 and .25 inch concentric circles. With 63 individual targets, even if you shoot at each target only once or twice, it will take quite a while before the target is completely shot up. Use the center target first when zeroing your rifle. You need to set you printer to 'landscape' to allow it to print properly.
In this program, the 6 outer targets will change for the level of difficulty desired. The center target remains at 1 inch in diameter. Remember to set your printer's paper orientation to 'landscape' when printing the target.

This program and the next are designed to allow you to print simulated field targets to allow you to practice with targets of similar difficulty as that of an upcoming match. You enter the level of difficulty and the distance to the point where you want to set the target and the program automatically sets the kill zone to the correct size.
This version of the Field Targets software has draggable kill zones. As before, the kill zones can be set to the correct size for a particular level of difficulty but you can also add extra kill zones. The kill zones can be dragged to any point on the target. More detailed instructions are provided when you run the software.
This is a collection of traditional rifle and pistol targets.
This is... well, you can see what it is. Set your printer orientation to 'landscape'.

If you find a problem with this page or have any suggestions, E-mail me.